How do I change who gets notified by a response level escalation point breach?

Version 2

    A user is complaining that they are getting emailed about response levels when they shouldn't be.  If you want to change who gets notified by a response level you do this by going into Administration, selecting the domain in question (e.g. incident management and then incident), response levels and then modifying the correct response level.  The escalations points are shown on a tab or in the response level tree.  Double-click to alter is and click the notification escalation action that you want to amend.  Click modify and then remove any notification recipients that you do not require before saving your changes.



    If the user is not specifically listed in the notification recipients but a group that they are a member of is listed,  then you may want to consider changing their group membership details so that they don't get notifications for that group.  See "Configuring receiving group messages" within the LDSDSAdministrators Guide for more information on this and:


    Additional information:


    If you don't know which response level to alter and you can't see the response level on the IPC form window you can extract this from the database.  Here is an example syntax to use if you know the incident id but not the response level for example:


    select lc_title, lc_name FROM lc_response_level WHERE (lc_guid = (SELECT im_response_level_guid FROM im_incident WHERE (im_id = xyz)))

    (where XYZ is the incident id in question)