An Object Reference error is displayed when performing process actions

Version 2



    The following Touchpaper Services Error will be displayed in the event log on the Web Server:



    Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

    Stack Trace:

       at Touchpaper.Framework.Data.DataObject.GetPathValue(Object obj, IAttributePath attributePath)”



    This is due to empty values being returned in placeholders or runtime values.




    If you can find the placeholder/runtime value causing the problem remove it or change the placeholder/runtime value to be valid.


    If not remove/change any placeholders/runtime values that appear after the action in the process and confirm that the problem is resolved. Then add the placeholders/runtime values back in until you find that placeholder/runtime value causing the problem.

    Remove the incorrect value(s). Then add the correct placeholders and runtime values into the process actions.


    Please remember to take a backup of any placeholders before removing them from the process actions.


    Please make sure that any changes made using Designer, are tested first on a test copy of the database. Any changes should be carried out by a Designer trained technician. Before any changes are made to the live database, a backup of the database must be taken and nobody else should be logged in while changes are made. In the event of any problems after making changes, the database should be restored from the backup copy.


    If you receive this problem please report it to your Support Provider under problem reference 3864