Rollup Core activation change in 9.0 after applying SP1 or SP2.

Version 2

    Verified Product Versions

    Endpoint Manager 9.5


    9.0 SP1 introduced some changes in activation/licensing affecting the inital console login after applying the service pack. 9.0 SP2 continues with this same change.


    The Core Server Activation utility is no longer used, it will display the following error if run: "There was an error while activating the core"


    Ignore this error as activation is not done through the utility any longer.



    1. Instead run dbrollup.exe on your RollUp Core.
    2. Add your current Rollup Core in the Rollup Core section
    3. Add your Source Core in the Source Core Section
    4. Once the information has been confired, Click Rollup.
    5. This will initiate the database Sync. Once this is completed your Rollup core will be activated.


    The console will now open.