Error "GetBases.exe returned an error code: Update successful, but retranslation failed.(37) (25)" when downloading AV pattern files

Version 7

    Verified Product Versions

    Endpoint Manager 9.6Endpoint Manager 2016.x


    AV definition download on the Core Server fails with "GetBases.exe returned an error code: Update successful, but retranslation failed.(37) (25)"


    This is typically caused by a network, rights, disk, or other related error.   During the re-translation phase the updater tries to download the database files from the source and create a mirror for updating purposes.
    If a network error occurs during this process it will throw this error.
    The retranslation process  is the process of structuring downloaded signature files in a special order, using the special folder tree.   Thanks to it a client is able to update from this server. There might be something wrong with files operation, for instance, absence of rights to write/delete, files blocking etc. And the origin of this problem is outside of the updater.   To find out the origin of this issue the Updater SDK log file must be gathered and provided to LANDESK Support.


    • Check network for performance issues, etc.
    • Check free disk space.
    • Check rights on the core server.  The rights for the antivirus directories should match the rights of the parent directories (LDLOGON down).
    • It may be necessary to delete the following subdirectories to download all bases (pattern files) again.
      • ldlogon/antivirus8/win/basesEP10
      • ldlogon/antivirus8/win/pre.basesEP10
      • ldlogon/antivirus8/win/temp_bases8


    If further troubleshooting is needed it is recommended to turn on advanced updater logging and to open a ticket with LANDESK Support:


    How to turn on Enhanced Updater SDK logging:…