How to create a link to a webpage within console that isn't cached for the console session

Version 1

    Within console you can create links to web content.  For example, you can add a "New browser panel" within dashboard designer and specify the required URL within the panel properties.  Or you can add a new webpage component to the toolbar and fill in the web site address that you want.  The way in which this is works is that it will not clear the browser cache until you log out of console.


    There may be some occasions when you do not want to see this behaviour.  For example, if linking to a Crystal Enterprise report which prompts for parameters you would want the prompted parameters to be automatically requested again when you next load the page (although you can get around this by clicking the refresh icon).  The way in which you could consider achieving this is by instead using the application launcher component.


    Add the application launcher component to the toolbar.  In the properties under step 1 application specify the path to the browser.  For example "c:\program files\internet explorer\iexplore.exe" and under step 2 parameters specify the desired url.  When clicked this shortcut will open up a new browser session with the website specified and will therefore use the same caching settings as your browser.