Crystal 11 - How to modify reports to show your correct time / local time

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    Service Desk 2016.x

    Environment: Crystal 11


    Datetime fields in ServiceDesk are often stored in the database in UTC (used to be called GMT) and converted on your screen (within console for example) to local time.  When writing a crystal report you will need to apply a formula in order to convert the date time to local time.


    In Crystal 11 there is now a function in order to shift to your local machine timezone.  This is called ShiftDateTime and you need to give it two parameters.  The first is what timezone offset your datetime field is in and then next what timezone offset you want it to be converted to.  If you don't want to specify a set timezone to convert to but just pickup the timezone from windows then you would leave this blank by specifying ""


    For example, the datetime fields in ServiceDesk are often stored in UTC (GMT) and one example is the creation date for an IPC.  So the formula you would need to create to convert this to your windows local timezone is:


    ShiftDateTime ({pm_process.pm_creation_date}, "UTC,0", "")