Escalation point error : Attempt to start the clock on an object of class type Touchpaper.Framework.Data.Metadata.Internal.ClassType...

Version 8

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    Service Desk 7.6Service Desk 7.7.xService Desk 7.8.xService Desk 2016.xAsset Manager 2016.x



    At any point when using an Action on an IPC you are seeing the below error message displayed:


    "Escalation point error: Attempt to start the clock on an object of class type Touchpaper.Framework.Data.Metadata.Internal.ClassType. You cannot start the clock unless it has previously been stopped"


    This means that within the Process after the relevant action there is an automatic "Start Clock" action, but if the Incident's clock is already started the Incident's clock cannot start again and it will throw this error.




    There was a problem in Service Desk where if you run a bulk action to 'amend attribute values', this will also update booleans on the IPC back to the default value that has been set in Object Designer. This include the "Clock Stopped" attribute.

    So if you have Incident in the 'With Customer' status the clock is most likely to be stopped on these. You then run a bulk action to amend attribute values, the clock on these Incidents will be set to started.

    Then when you move the Incident back from customer you have a start clock action in your process, but since the clock is set to be started you will see the above error message.

    This was given problem number: 5406 and was fixed in our 7.5 SP1 release. For more informaiton about SP1, please see here:


    This could also happen if your design of the Process is build in a way so that you're allowing the Incident to go through a "Start Clock" action without having gone through a "Stop Clock" action first.


    Another cause for this is if you have the 'Clock Stopped' boolean flag on your window and 'Protection Level' is not 'ReadOnly'. If it is already set when you amend and save the IPC, it can be reset on Save. By default this attribute is set to ReadOnly.




    If you do get this error message the Incident will be stuck in the relevant status until you can move it along, so the suggested workaround for this would be to add in an optional action of "Stop Clock" to the status of where the Incident is so that you can choose to stop the clock on the Incident before using the Action of where you were getting this error message.


    The "Start Clock" and "Stop Clock" actions are both default OOTB actions. If they are added on as Optional actions you will only ever see the action relevant for the Incident you are looking at. So if the Incident's clock is stopped, you will see the "Start Clock" action and if the Incidents' clock is started, you will see the "Stop Clock" action.


    Ensure that if the 'Clock Stopped' flag is on the window that the 'Protection Level' property is set to 'ReadOnly'.