What level of Encryption does the Landesk Management Gateway support?

Version 2


    The Landesk Management Gateway supports 64 bit and 128 bit encryption. This is dependant on the Landesk Agent that is installed on the system making a connection request. If the Landesk Agent is a domestic (U.S.) agent it will negotiate it's encryption level at 128 bit.


    If the Landesk Agent installed is from a country that does not allow 128 bit encryption it will negotiate 64 bit encryption with the Landesk Management Gateway.


    The Management Gateway is designed to look at the Landesk Agent requesting a connection; if the Landesk Agent is not allowed 128 bit encryption it will only negotiate a 64 bit connection. If the Landesk Agent is connecting to the Landesk Management Gateway from a country that allows 128 bit encryption, it will always use 128 bit encryption.



    Update: The Management Gateway Appliance (released 11/15/2007) has a option to restrict all requests to 128-bit encryption and is set by default. However, the Appliance will continue to respond to 64-bit requests just to inform the requestor that 64-bit encryption is not allowed.