How To: Restore the Cloud Services Appliance 4.2 to Factory Defaults

Version 3

    Summary: Periodically the Management Gateway may need to be restored to factory defaults in order to remove corruption or other problems. Listed below is a step-by-step process to restore the Gateway.


    Note: This process will not require clients or the core to be reconfigured. However, any current configuration settings will need to be made again and the core certificate reposted to the Gateway. All configured users on the Gateway will be reset as well. This process will need to be done at the Management Gateway itself and not from a remote console. The entire restore process generally lasts about 3-5 minutes. Once the Gateway is configured again and the core certificate posted clients can immediately begin communication. Average time to complete for the entire process: 15-20 minutes. (It is recommended to write down or take screen shots of the current configuration before performing these steps)


    1- On the bootup menu select the option for "System Restore"




    2- When the system finishes loading press the letter "y" and hit "Enter".




    3- A series of 4 steps will occur to reset the Gateway back to factory defaults.




    4- The Gateway will reboot on it's own and eventually return to the standard login screen. Proceed to login and configure the Gateway.