Error: A Column named 'ResponseLevel' already belongs to this DataTable when loading the Agreement Rules

Version 2

    If you are trying to load your Agreement Rules but gets the below error message:



    "A Column named 'ResponseLevel' already belongs to this DataTable"


    Agreement Rule Error.bmp


    This is because your "Response Level" attribute manually has been added in as a Variation Attribute.


    In your Agreement Rules the "Response Level" Attribute will always be a Variation Attribute by default. The System is hard coded this way as the whole point of the Agreement Rule is to automatically select the "Response Level".

    However you will not see the "Response Level" in the list of selected Variation Attributes and because of this you can still manually choose to add this.

    By doing this though, you will end up with duplicates of this Attribute in your Agreement Rule and so you will see the error message pointing out that this Attribute already exist in the DataTable.


    To fix, go back to where you manage your Variation Attribute  -  Administration - Service Level Management. Incident Management (for Incident) - Incident and highlight "Response Agreements" folder and you will in the Action list see "Manage Variation Attribute"

    Remove the "Response Level" from the list of selected Variation Attributes and click OK.