Created a power policy with a 'turn on' time but the machine never turns on.

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    Question:  A Power Management Policy has been created which includes a 'turn on' time for all machines.  Although the time has been designated, not all machines are turning on at the given time, why?


    Answer:  Power Management schedules a machine power on through the machine's bios.  If a machine's bios does not have the ability to have scheduled wake up events or cannot schedule those events through Windows, then the turn on event will remain unscheduled and the machine will not turn on at the designated time.  Possible resolution for this is to enable Plug and Play bios in the bios of the machines, enable events in the bios, or update the manufacturer bios if necessary.  Some system manufacturers and bios' do not support this feature at all.  In that situation, a scheduled task for wake on lan can be used to power on machines at a specific time.