Understanding Automatic IPC Unlocking

Version 2

    Verified Product Versions

    Service Desk 2017.x

    The "File>Unlock Item" facility is one way of unlocking incidents manually, however there may be times when an incident could be locked when it shouldn't be, and an Administrator may not be available to unlock it.  This can occur when:


    - A user views an Incident through web access and closes the browser without logging out or navigating away from the page.  This would leave an orphaned user session, plus the lock for the Incident.


    - A user has an Incident open in Console and their machine crashes.  This would also leave an orphaned session and lock.



    These types of locks are dealt with by Background Processing, which polls the lock and user session tables every minute and clears out any stale sessions, including the associated locks, that are over 20 minutes old.


    Please note, in the event that a user opens an Incident in Console and leaves it open in the background all day, Background Processing will not clear this type of lock, as it is still considered legitimate.  The reason this is not the behaviour in Web Desk is because the Service Desk Framework cannot detect the window state unless it is specifically told the Incident is no longer being viewed, eg, by navigating away, or logging out.