How to configure a Preferred Package Server

Version 31

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    Endpoint Manager 9.6Endpoint Manager 2016.xEndpoint Manager 2017.x

    Preferred Servers can be enabled in the Ivanti EPM Console.  It now includes the ability to authenticate to a UNC share or a web share using the credentials configured for the preferred package server.  That way, when the share is accessed by an Agent workstation's Local System account, it will be able to access the share using the credentials specified instead of simply trying to authenticate as Local System.


    1. In the Ivanti EPM Console, click Tools | Distribution | Content Replication/Preferred Servers.
    2. Click Add to add a new server, or click an existing entry and click Edit.
    3. Enter the server information.
    4. Click Test credentials to make sure the credentials you provided work.

      (Optional) If you want to use IP address ranges to limit which clients you want using this server as a preferred server, click on "IP address ranges" enter the IP addresses and click Add.

    5. If you will be writing files to this preferred server as well as reading files from it (for capturing images during provisioning for example), enter credentials with read and modify permissions in the "Write" section of the template.
    6. Click Save.


    For all versions of LDMS, the package server must have the exact same share name and directory structure as the source referenced in the distribution package. This works for both UNC and URL paths.  The folder structure on the Package Server must reflect the structure on that of the core server.


    For example, if the packages on the core server can be found here:




    Then on the package server called PackageServer, they should be found here:



    Note: The maximum number of allowed characters for a UNC path is 260 characters.  If the characters are include double-byte characters this limit will be less (2 bytes for each double-byte character instead of one).

    For web it is similar:





    Note: The preferred server settings are automatically updated on the clients every 24 hours. These settings are stored in the file %ProgramFiles%\LANDesk\ldclient\sdmcache\preferredservers.CoreServerName.dat


    For how to set up a web share