How To: Upgrade or Patch LANDESK Agents.

Version 7

    Verified Product Versions

    LANDESK Management Suite 9.6LANDESK Management Suite 2016.x


    How to upgrade LANDesk Agents

    How to patch LANDesk Agents with Service Packs





    Perform a full Agent Push to upgrade an existing Agent to the latest Core version. This can be accomplished by right-clicking on the Agent Configuration name from the Console and selecting 'Schedule'



    To apply a patch or Service Pack to an Agent, either perform the full Agent install as described above, or install the patch.



    To apply a service pack or patch to clients, follow these steps:



    1. Update the Core to the latest Service Pack (if deploying a Service Pack).
    2. Download updates in Security and Patch Manager to update content.
      1. Click on Download Updates.
      2. Make sure the LANDESK Updates check box is selected.
      3. Click the Update Now button.
      4. Wait for this to finish.
    3. Click on the All Items Folder.
      1. Locate the Service pack or patch that you want to upgrade.
      2. Right Click on the Definition and Choose Download now.
      3. Click on all selected Items.
      4. Right click on the "Client" patch and choose download.
      5. Let this Finish.
    4. Make sure that the Definition is in the Scan folder.
      1. If the definition has a X or a ? on it it is not in the scan folder and you will need to move it to the Scan folder.
    5. Run a Security Scan against client machines.
      1. Click on Create a Task.
      2. Choose Security Scan.
      3. Check the Box that says Scheduled Task.
      4. Click ok.
      5. Drag all the computers into the Scheduled task that was created.
      6. Start the Scheduled Task.
    6. Wait for all the computers to Scan.
    7. Repair the Service Pack using Patch Manager.
      1. Right click on the Definitions Choose Repair.
      2. Check box that says Scheduled Task.
      3. Click OK.
      4. Drag all the computers into the Scheduled Task.
      5. Start the Scheduled Task.



    Alternately, you can apply the Agent Service Pack or patch manually.





      • Note: Do not use the Schedule Update feature to upgrade or patch an Agent. Schedule Update only updates settings on an existing Agent. Updating the agent settings performs the following actions:

    1) Uninstalls the LANDesk Remote Control Service, LANDesk Targeted Multicast, and LANDesk(R) Software Monitoring Service services.

    2) Runs the agent configuration MSI for the specific agent configuration (this is not the full agent install).

    3) Reinstalls the LANDesk Remote Control Service, LANDesk Targeted Multicast, and LANDesk(R) Software Monitoring Service services.

    4) Runs an inventory scan to ensure changes are reported to the core server.