Remote control viewer shows machine's screen incorrectly (with distortion). Screen is unreadable.

Version 7


    When remote controlling a target device, the LANDesk Remote Control Viewer window shows a distorted image instead of the target device's screen.No error message is displayed in the viewer or the target device.







    • Cause 1
              Unsupported 1600x900 resolution on the target machine

    • Cause 2
              Compatibility between mirror driver and device's video hardware.





    • For cause 1

              Open a new incident with LANDesk Technical Support to request patch RC-48366


    • For cause 2
      1. Open the LANDesk Management Suite console
      2. Launch the Agent Configuration tool
      3. Open the respective agent configuration and browse to the Remote Control > Indicators section.
      4. Make sure the option for "Mirror Driver" is not selected.
      5. Save changes.
      6. Right-click on the respective agent configuration and select the option to "Schedule Agent Deployment". A new task will be created.
      7. Add the necessary system(s) to this new task.
      8. Right-click on the new task and select 'Start Now'



    Affected Products

    LANDesk Management Suite 8.8

    LANDesk Management Suite 9.0