About Inventory Scanner Switches

Version 24

    Verified Product Versions

    Endpoint Manager 9.5Endpoint Manager 9.6Endpoint Manager 2016.xEndpoint Manager 2017.xEndpoint Manager 2018.x

    /A=<N>Timeout Seconds
    /BADisable BIOS string scan
    /BBDisable printing of paths in the MIF file for files found
    /D=<path>-d=<path>Begin software scan in this folder
    /DMI1Use older DMI tables
    /DMI1-Don't use older DMI tables
    /DEBUGOutput debug information to ldiscn32.log file located in C:\Program Files (x86)\LANDesk\LDClient\Data
    /F-F-fForce software scan
    /F--f-Disable software scan
    /GScan Services
    -?-h or -?Displays help screen
    /ITIMEOUTSeconds to wait for inv16.exe to complete. Min. 5, Max. 60
    /I=<ldappl3>/l <ldappl3>Update ldappl3.ini from path


    -i=<ConfName>Specifies the conf filename. Default is /etc/ldappl.conf
    /K=<drive   letter>Scan a network (logical) drive for software
    /LUse Server info stored in the registry. LDWM\CoreServer\InventoryServerPort
    /L- Don't communicate with the Core server : Offline scan Note: You must also use the /O switch in conjunction with the /L- switch in order for this to work.
    /LDAP-Run scan without LDAP information including Primary Owner
    /MGenerate MIF file
    /MUNIGenerate Unicode MIF file
    /MUSuppress error messages
    -m <mode>set mac scan mode (listed, unlisted, or all)
    /NNon-recursive software scan
    /NHDon't do hardware scan * Warning, by design this removes device's HW *
    /NOCDDon't get custom data form data
    /NODLPrevent content file download
    /NOUIDo not show UI
    /NTT=<core:port>-ntt=CORENAMEUse TCP protocol. Core name can be host name or IP address
    /O=<path>-o <path>-o <path>Create an output file
    /PDSend Product Definitions to the core server
    /PT-Disable thread priority decrease when on Win 9x or NT
    /RLReset Logon User History and Logon Location History
    /RSTART=<MaxTime>Start at a random time between 1 and <MaxTime> Time is in minutes
    /RESTARTDo not schedule to run later if Core Server is not available
    -RReset delta scan baseline file
    /S=<Core Name>-c <Core Name>Core Server Name. Necessary when sending data to a core.
    -stdoutInventory information is written to standard output
    /SWSCANMODEALLScanner will use Mode=all for the software scan.
    /SYNCSynchronize with core database record. Sends all data, not delta.
    /T=<path>Transmit this output file to the core specified.
    /mini-tSend a mini scan
    /V-V255Verbose mode (show UI)
    -voutput ldscan version
    /W=<n>-wWait for n seconds before starting the scan
    /Z=<n>Max retries to contact the Inventory Server Service. Default/minimum = 10