Error: "This Incident has changed status, and the action you selected is no longer available" / "Attempt to perform action XXX on XXX failed." when using Create/Add Child/Parent action

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    You are getting the below error message when trying to use the actions: "Create Child Incident", "Create Parent Incident", "Add Child Incident", "Add Parent Incident"


    7.7.2 and earlier:

    Error: 'This Incident has changed status, and the action you selected is no longer available. Please redisplay the window and try again'



    7.7.3 and later:

    Error: Attempt to perform action Add Parent Incident on Incident failed. This action is not available at status Open. The Incident may have changed status, please redisplay the window and try again.



    Cause and Solution:

    When you want to Create or Add a Child or a Parent directly from an Incident, the existing Incident will also be automatically added to the Child or Parent Incident.

    To be allowed to add a Child or Parent to an existing Incident you will need to, in the appropriate Status of that Child or Parent's Process have the reverse action available as a Manual or Optional action.


    For example:

    If you add a Child Incident to an Incident where the Child Incident is in status: "In Progress", the Child Incident will automatically go through a "Add Parent Incident" action. So this action will need to be available on the status where the Child is currently at, which is 'In Progress'.


    If you Create a new Child or Parent Incident from an existing Incident, the Child/Parent Incident will be created and added to your Incident. Your Incident will also be added to the newly created Incident. On this occasion you will need to make sure that you have the "Add Parent/Child Incident" action as either a manual action or optional action on the status that the newly created Incident will land on ones saved.

    For example, if the newly created Incident when saved, stays on OPEN, then you will need the "Add Parent/Child Incident" action on the OPEN status. If the newly created Incident goes straight through OPEN and lands on "IN PROGRESS" status then you will need to have the "Add Parent/Child Incident" action available on the IN PROGRESS status as the action to add the parent or child will be done after the Incident has gone through any potential process actions.