Duplicate client names listed in the console

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    Occasionally users of the LANDesk console will notice what appears to be duplicate records for a single client.  This is almost always caused by the column set configuration.  Here's what this looks like:



    What I've done is added Computer-Memory-Slots-Memory Slot-Installed Size to my column set configuration.  The clients in my inventory have multiple values for this attribute, and a separate line will be displayed for each unique value.  More commonly, LANDesk users will do this with the NIC address or IP address.  On computers with multiple values for these attributes, multiple records will be displayed.


    One way to convince yourself that the multiple records are from the same client in the database and not multiple clients is to add Computer-ID to the column set configuration and take note of whether your multiple records all have the same ID value.


    The way to resolve this is to find out which attribute in your column set has multiple values for individual clients and remove it.  As mentioned before, the IP address is frequently the culprit.


    It's of course possible that you actually have more than one machine with the same name in the LANDesk database.  In that case you would notice that the Computer-ID values would be different.


    This is completely different from problems caused by duplicate device IDs.  This problem is discussed in  The specified item was not found..