"The following report failed to load <file path>" is displayed when clicking on the print icon

Version 4

    When click on the print icon a message similar to the message below is displayed.


    The following reports failed to load: <report location>




    There are three reasons this could occur the causes and solutions as listed below:


    1) The report has not been added to the Crystal Reports component

    The most common cause of this error is if the reports have not been added in Crystal Report component and been configured. The reports displaying printed information need to be added to the Crystal Reports component with names relating to there matching objects. In the example error message above this is the incident report.


    The details on how to set this up can be found on page 146 of the Administrator’s manual.  A set of default reports are provided and any other objects can be created using the following guide:




    The reports used also need to be configured to point to the database. Details of setuping up the database connection can be found in the setup guide on page 38 or in the following community article:




    2) The report cannot be found at the path specified in the Crystal reports component

    The ‘following report failed to load’ will also be displayed if the report is not found at the path specified in the Crystal Reports component. The reports path is usually configured as a UNC path so it can be available to all users. Please check that the path specified for the report is available to the user/machine running the report.


    3) The report is invalid and is unable to be displayed

    The report will be unable to load if the report used is not valid. A missing parameter field for the GUID value will cause this to occur. To find if there is a problem with the report it can be swapped for a default example report.