I want to amend an OOTB report but I need to stop it prompting for a guid

Version 4

    The OOTB report is prompting for a GUID when I run it - why?


    Many of the reports are designed to pass the GUID during runtime. For example when you are in an incident you select the print button and then it will run incident.rpt (passing it the GUID of the current incident that you are in automatically).  You will be prompted for a GUID when running them via a non-runtime method that they were not originally designed for such as directly through Crystal for example.


    Stripping out the GUID prompt so that you can prompt on another field


    If you want to change the reports so that they don’t prompt for a GUID and can be run directly from Crystal you will have to strip out the selection formula which is looking for the GUID parameter and then setup a new parameter for the prompt required.


    For example with the incident.rpt you would do the following:


    • Go into select expert and delete the selection on the GUID


    • Then go into Report – Selection Formulas – Group and remove the formula


    • This shows it deleted and saved


    • Lastly delete the suppression formula on the details section. Report – Section Expert – high-light the Details section and click on the button next to Suppress (No Drill Down). Delete the suppression formula and save



    • Then add in the new parameter you want.  In our example we have set this to prompt for incident id




    • Lastly setup the selection criteria to restrict the report based on this parameter



    • Now when you run the report you are prompted to enter the incident id