When Creating a Self-Contained Client Installation Package the Executable Fails to Create

Version 4

    Verified Product Versions

    Endpoint Manager 9.5




    When creating a self-contained client installation package the executable

    fails to create.






    A file is missing from you core server that is needed for the creation of

    the self-contained client installation package.


    Review the CAB.LOG file in the ldlogon directory. If the

    self-contained client installation package does not create this file will log an

    error and document the failure.



    At the bottom of this log you will see an error as shown below:



    FCIAddFile() failed(missingfilename.ext): code 1 Failure opening file to be
    -- stored in cabinet--
    Add File



    Example shown is what would occur if the sdclient.exe file was missing:


    FCIAddFile() failed(SDCLIENT.EXE): code 1 Failure opening file to be stored
    -- in cabinet--
    Add File

    MakeCAB failed






    Locate a copy of the missing file and restore it to the ldlogon directory.

    NOTE: Try searching the Core Server's hard drive and the Installation

    CD. If you installed with the downloaded executable instead of the installation

    CD, extract the executable using winzip, winrar, or a similar program to a

    directory and search for the missing file in that directory.)


    If the file that is missing is the LDAppl3.ini file follow these steps:

    Re-Create the LDAppl3.ini In the 32bit console:

    1) Go to Tools | Reporting/Monitoring | Software License Monitoring

    2) Click the button "Make available to clients"

    Once the LDAppl3.ini has been created you will be able to create the self-contained client installation package.


    If you cannot locate a copy of the missing file, contact support for