I've changed an object or attribute to being knowledgeable but the knowledge builder hasn't picked this up - why?

Version 1

    This article is for version 7.3.2+ (or version 7.3.1 if you are using the Lucene knowledge engine).


    The knowledge build didn’t pick up the new attributes and objects that I specified to be included in the knowledge build.



    On occasion the changes made in Business Object designer (stored in the database as metadata) or Knowledge Administration to make objects or attributes knowledgeable are not picked up by the knowledge builder process.  In this case you can force a metadata refresh by doing the following in Object Designer:


    • Stop the background processing service.
    • In Object Designer*, ensure that your required object is set to is_knowledgeable? = TRUE.
    • Switch this to FALSE and save your changes.
    • Switch this back to TRUE again and save your changes.
    • In Knowledge Management Administration, under Knowledge Settings - Queue Entries there should be a queue “Pending” with a message type of "Meta Data Change".
    • Start the background processing service and wait for for the Meta Data Change to process.


    *We would recommend using Object Designer rather than Knowledge Administration in order to change this when forcing a Metadata Refresh.


    NOTE:  When completed successfully the Meta Data Change queue entries are deleted unlike Data Change entries or Rebuild entries which remain.  See this article for more information about this: