After client install Desktop Manager icon is broken/Desktop manager window is blank.

Version 2


    After installing the agent, the desktopmanager icon appears to be a broken link icon. Or when launching DesktopManager you only see a blank window.



    The Custom Branding in the agent configuration has lost it's link to the images.




    1. Open a Landesk Console.
    2. Go to Tools | Configuration | Agent Configuration.
      pic 1.png
    3. Click on "All Configurations".
    4. Locate the agent in question.
    5. Right click on the agent and choose "Properties".
    6. Expand Desktop manager.
    7. Click on "Branding".
    8. For both the Corporate Icon and the Corporate Logo.
      1. Click on "Browse".
      2. Locate the required files.
      3. Click "Open".
    9. Click "Save".
    10. Redeploy the agent.