Web Access error: Invalid Request:  Not Authorised to create new queries.

Version 8

    Verified Product Versions

    Service Desk 2016.x


    7.4 fixed in 7.5




    Users are getting the following error when attempting to launch a Qurey from a link on a dashboard in Web Desk or Self Service.


    "Invalid Request. Not authorised to create new queries."





    This is a problem in Web Access which has been given problem number 5173.

    The system believes that it's missing the "Query Builder" privilege which you can find under: "Configuration Components" - "Configuration" - "Designers". If you were to add this privilege to the relevant role or group the Query would launch as should.

    This is however not a privilege that you should need to give to your End Users and probably not even a privilege that you want some of your Analysts to have.


    The workaround instead is to create a shortcut to the same query in a shortcut group that is published to the relevant User. This will make the system launch the Query as should without having to add the above privilege.


    If you are experiencing this problem please log an Incident with your support provider giving your business impact and refer to Problem number: 5173.