How to collect size and number of profiles from a client through inventory scan

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    Endpoint Manager 9.6


    In some cases it may be necessary to report on the number of profiles and their sizes on a local computer. This may be necessary for migration projects or auditing reasons.



    LDMS does not have any such feature built-in. Luckily LDMS is very flexible in that we can create own tools that gather data we want and make this data available to the inventory. Here is a way (one of many) about how to gather how many profiles exist on a client and what the total size of them is.


    What we need


    1. Create a VBScript that counts how many profiles there are and what the total size is and will write this data into a .DAT file
    2. Modify LDSCNHLP.INI to include the path to our VBScript and to our .DAT (created by the our script)
    3. Distribute the VBScript and the modified LDSCNHLP.INI to the clients
    4. Run an inventory scan on the clients


    One of many solutions


    1. Download the attached VBScript called UserProfiles.vbs to your software distribution share
    2. Download the attach LDSCNHLP.INI to your software distribution share
    3. Deploy both UserProfiles.vbs and LDSCNHLP.INI to your clients. Make sure they are both being copied to C:\Program Files\LANDesk\LDClient\
    4. Now run an inventory scan on your client(s). Once they finished their scan, you will find the following in the inventory


    Inventory root > Custom Data > Profiles


    In order to report on that data, create a LANDesk query.


    Note that the attached VBScript can be changed to adapt to your needs, such as actually listing the names of the profiles rather than the number of existing profiles and size for each of the profiles.