Can I see the Incidents Notes as a tab on the Task window?

Version 1

    If your Analysts are working mainly from their Task window you can have the Incidents Note showing as a tab on the Task window so that the Analyst can get a better overview of their Incidents.


    You do this by creating a new System Filter (not query), call it "Incident Notes"

    Base it on and filter as below:


    new filter.JPG


    Add in the attributes that you would like to see as Columns in the tab.


    On the criteria page, drag out the Incident Attribute and Specify a Runtime value of "Incident".





    Click OK on this and your Criteria will say: “Incident Is Equal To (Incident)”


    Go to the General Page, set the Launch option to “Workspace” and “Note”.


    Save your Filter.


    Go to your Task Incident Window in Window Manager and open this up to modify.

    Add on a Query from the “Controls” setting and in the Query list in Properties, select your Filter.


    window properties.JPG



    Save your window.