How To:  Create an identical Role for the same user type.

Version 2

    In 7.3.x is is possible to copy Roles using the "Copy Role" action in Administration:




    There is a limitation to this feature, which is that it will copy Roles from one user type to another, so you can create an End User Role that is similar to an Analyst role, but wont let you duplicate Roles within the same user type.


    For example, if you wanted to create a new Analyst Role that was only slightly different, or even identical to the OOTB Analyst role, you would highlight the Role, click "Copy Role" and then be presented with this window:



    If you click the User Type dropdown you will see the Analyst Role is not present:








    The way around this is to copy the Role to another user type, copy it back into the original user type, then delete the unneeded, temporary Role.


    So, using the example above, the Analyst role could be copied to the End User user type, calling the copied role Analyst2




    Then the new Analyst2 Role can be copied from End User back into Analyst with the intended name.  I chose "Analyst - First Line":




    The Role is then copied to the Analyst user type:






    While you are copying the Roles, keep an eye on your naming conventions, as the system will not let you create more than one Role with the same name, although you can edit the Title attribute once you have finished copying, by using the "Modify Role" action.