How to Change the Database Location

Version 5


    On occasion it might be necessary to change the location of the Service Desk database - this might be because the server name has changed or the database has been moved to a new instance.  The architecture of Service Desk is such that this alteration need only be configured in the tps.config files for all clients to be updated.



    ** Please note from 7.5 the database location can be changed in the Configuration Centre **


    For each instance of Touchpaper.Framework.Web on every server (this may include the Web, Application, and Knowledge servers) you will need to change the key that contains the login credentials to the database in its tps.config file.  Additionally, you will need to change the same key in the tps.config file for each instance of Web Desk you have as well as tps.config for Service Portal (7.3+) or the Portal web.Config (pre 7.3).


    For Touchpaper.Framework.Web, the tps.config can be found at:


    On Windows pre-2008:

    C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Touchpaper\Touchpaper.Framework.Web.x


    On Windows 2008+:

    C:\Program Data\Touchpaper\Touchpaper.Framework.Web.x



    The key in the config file that needs changing is the one called "ConnectString".


    For Web Desk, the changes can be made by:


    In a browser, go to:




    You will be prompted for a password, this is by default tpservices.  Having entered the correct password you will be able to change the database connection details.  You will need to perform this operation for every instance of Web Desk you have installed.


    For Service Portal, the changes can be made by:


    This method is the same for all versions of Service Portal, older versions update a different file to newer ones but the configuration is done the same way.  In a browser, go to:




    Here you need to login as the SA account you have configured for Console.  Click through the links until you get to the page where you can set the database access details.  On clicking "Save Configuration" the relevant files are updated.



    While making these changes, it is strongly recommended that no Users are logged in to Service Desk as they are likely to incur a loss of data.  An IIS reset will be required on each server where these changes are made in order to ensure they take effect.