How To:  Change a Label into a Hyperlink

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    On occasion, it may be necessary to create or edit a record directly from a process window. 


    For example, say a user needed their telephone number updating, but Analysts do not have direct access to the Administration component. The easiest way to access the record would be to convert the "User:" label to a hyperlink:


    From this:


    To this:



    When you click the link whatever User record is selected will be opened in a new window.  Alternatively, leave the dropdown blank and when you click the hyperlink you will be able to create a new User record.


    To do this, open the window you want to edit and highlight the label you want to convert to a hyperlink.  Look at the label properties and change the "Show Hyperlink" option from False to True:





    Bear in mind that the appropriate privileges need to be granted to users who will be using the hyperlink otherwise they will get an error.  In the above example, Create and Update privileges need to be granted to the User object.,