Web Console Error: Invalid Product License

Version 3

    Verified Product Versions

    Endpoint Manager 9.5Endpoint Manager 2016.x


    - Web console returns “invalid product license”

    - The ManagementSuite Core Server has been activated

    - The win32 console displays no errors on login



    This can be caused by the aspnet user or the IUSR_CoreServerName accounts not being able to access the \Program Files\LANDesk\ManagementSuite directory and sub directories.



    To add the aspnet user and IUSR_CoreServerName to the ManagementSuite folder do the following:


    1.  In Microsoft* Explorer navigate to the ManagementSuite folder

    2.  Right click the folder and select properties

    3.  If either user is missing, on the security tab click the add button

    4.  Click the locations button and select the local machine

    5.  Enter the missing user name in the text field and click ok

    6.  Click on the ASP.NET account in the Group or user names window

    7.  Check Full Control in the Allow column of the Permissions window for the ASP.NET user.

    8.  Check "Read & Execute", List Folder Contents" and Read for the IUSR_CoreServerName user.

    9.  Click ok