How to activate the LANDESK Core Server

Version 5

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    Endpoint Manager 9.5Endpoint Manager 9.6Endpoint Manager 2016.xEndpoint Manager 2018.x

    The LANDESK Core Server has an internal activation tool that periodically checks in with the LANDESK licensing servers and gathers basic hardware information about the server LANDESK is installed on.


    Before logging into the Management Suite console, the installation must be activated using a username and password supplied by the LANDesk Licensing team.


    NOTE: After a license renewal, the Core Server must be reactivated to register any hardware changes and to validate the number of licenses currently in use.


    To activate the LANDESK Core Server follow these steps:


    1.  Login to the LANDESK Core server and go to Start | Programs | LANDESK and run the Core Server Activation Utility.




    2.  When the Core Server Activation tool opens, use the Username and Password that the LANDESK Licensing team provided.




    If necessary, enter any Proxy information on the Proxy tab.




    3.  Click the Activate button.  The Activation utility will gather the necessary information from the Core Server and send this to the activation server.  After the activation process completes, the following message will appear.




    The activation registers this information about the LANDESK Core Server and some usage information on how many nodes are reporting to the Core Server.  The information sent can be seen here:




    NOTE: If the hardware on the core server changes the Licensing server will require the server to be deactivated, and then reactivated so that the information stored on the Licensing server is correct.  The LANDESK server will not be usable until it is deactivated by the Licensing team, and then reactivated with the correct credentials.


    This is most commonly seen when the LANDESK Core server is migrated to a VMWare environment, or when the server receives a memory upgrade.  Please plan for this as the Licensing team is not available outside of the regular work week of Monday through Friday.