LANDesk Patch News Bulletin: Skype Update 08-AUG-2007

Version 1



    (August 8, 2007) A new version of Skype has been released, version Please visit the following page for more details:


    New Vulnerabilities

    • N/A

    Changed Vulnerabilities

    • Vulnerability ID - SKYPE


    Skype Latest Release (version


    • feature: Safety and Privacy Improvements

    • feature API: SET_INPUT for recording Voicemail

    • change: IE plugin updated to version

    • change: Extras Manager updated to version

    • change: Dial tone changed

    • change: Updated all localizations

    • bugfix: Add video to mood message button was not clickable in entire lenght

    • bugfix: Incoming chat message notification displayed video messages wrongly

    • bugfix: Error message displayed when shutting down Windows while Skype was running on some occasions

    • bugfix: Wrong payment rejection cause displayed when person called from not compatible client

    • bugfix: Send contacts button was active after leaving chat

    • bugfix: Call was put on hold when screen saver activated

    • bugfix: Audio devices with the same name where displayed incorrectly

    • bugfix: Skype crashed when ending a call in some circumstances

    • bugfix: On some rare cases opening chat resulted 100% CPU usage

    • Language files updated

    New Patch Downloads

    • SkypeSetup3.5.0.202.exe