Password Configuration Tool does not change all passwords (7.4 and previous versions)

Version 12



    Environment: Version 7.3 to 7.4


    When the password for the 'sa' user is changed, an update is required for all the services which have their own config files wherein the 'sa' user is being used. Since the password is stored in the config files in an encrypted form the "Password Configuration Tool" is required to make any changes to the password. However this tool does not change password in the configuration file for the Integration service (Touchpaper.Service.Integration.exe.config).


    Cause and effect:

    Integration service is not included in the password configuration tool and hence the password for the 'sa' user being used by the integration service to authenticate against the TPS would not be changed using this tool. The Event Manager component of Service Desk is affected by this service and will not work unless the password for the 'sa' user is corrected.




    After successfully changing passwords for the services which are represented on the password configuration tool, open the configuration files for anyone of the services (e.g. "Touchpaper.Service.Mail.Inbound.WindowsService.exe.config") in a notepad and copy the encrypted password from the password key value and paste this into the password key value of the config file for the "Touchpaper Integration Service" which is called "Touchpaper.Service.Integration.exe.config". Save the file for changes and once done restart all the services.



    Default location of the configuration files for Touchpaper Services:


    Windows 2003 32bit: C:\Program Files\LANDesk\LANDesk Applications

    Windows 2008 64bit: C:\Program Files (x86)\LANDesk\LANDesk


    "Touchpaper Knowledge Base Service" and "Touchpaper Services Background Processing" do not have their own configuration files so there is no password update for sa user is not required for these services.