Determining remote control security type

Version 3



    Determining remote control security type.






    The remote control securty type is configured in the following registry value on each workstation: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Intel(R)\Intel(R) LANDesk(R)\WUser32\SecurityType compare the value with the list below to see what type of security it is using.



    0 - EditIni. Get security from LDCLIENT.INI file or registry for Microsoft Windows NT* or Window 9x in version 6.2 and later (Essentially No Security unless you manually configure the ini settings which we dont suggest you do as integrated security is now the preferred method.)



    1 - Reserved


    2 - NT Security


    3 - NT without encryption


    4 - CLS Certificate Based security (No longer used)


    5 - Netware (Bindery or NDS) (No longer supported)


    6 - Certificate LDMS 8 security


    8 - Certificate Based Security


    9 - Integrated Security (LDMS 8.7 and later)