How to uninstall the Ivanti / LANDESK Agent for Windows

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    How to uninstall the Ivanti / LANDESK Agent for Windows ?

    WARNING: DO NOT use the switch /FORCECLEAN switch on a Core Server / Service Desk server when removing the Agent for Windows from the Windows Server as this will break the Core Server / Service Desk Server !!!!!!!!



    Run UninstallWinClient.exe. This program is located in the ldmain share on the Core Server by default (C:\Program Files\LANDesk\ManagementSuite\ldmain). It can be run from that share or copied to the local client and executed. It is a standalone program and does not rely on any other files in order to run. UninstallWinClient.exe removes the Agent for Windows only.


    By design, UninstallWinClient.exe will remove:

    • All Ivanti / LANDESK files except some in ‘all users\application data\’ such as the APM DB

    • All Ivanti / LANDESK start menu shortcuts

    • All Ivanti / LANDESK services

    • All registry values and keys except the common API keys containing the LANDESK GUID


    UninstallWinClient.exe has the following command-line options:



    The client will not be rebooted after the Agent removal process completes.


    After the Agent removal operation the user is prompted to reboot.


    A progress window is displayed during the Agent removal process


    CBA8 (LANDESK Management Agent Service) is not removed by the process. This is useful in some special cases, for example when the agent installation breaks some particular 3rd party software based on the CBA8


    This option was introduced in 9.0 and does remove the whole LANDESK installation. However, this includes some shared dlls so it may result in other programs not working properly.


    If you want to uninstall the agent remotely, UninstallWinClient.exe can also be deployed as an Executable Distribution Package.

    • No additional files need to be added to the distribution package.

    • It's recommended to use the /NOREBOOT switch in the package if there is an end user using the client so that the machine doesn't reboot and cause the user to lose work.

    • When you distribute this package, the agent will be uninstalled ,but the status of the task will remain "active" until it times out and eventually fails. This is because the agent is no longer able to report status back to the core.


    If UninstallWinClient.exe is failing to remove part of the agent and is causing problems:

    • Try the version of UninstallWinClient.exe from the newest service pack.

    • Notify customer support.


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    Related errors:

    • Xtrace log shows : FAILED: bCriticalError is true. Setting exit code to ERROR_INSTALL_FAILURE