Common LDMS Reporting Questions

Version 3

    Verified Product Versions

    Endpoint Manager 9.6Endpoint Manager 9.0 and Older

    Why does Schedule Publish only show up on some reports?


    Schedule Publish will only work on reports that require no user interaction when the report is run.






    Why don't the users in the LANDesk Management Suite user group show up in the recipients list for a scheduled report?


    Only users that have an email address attached to their LANDesk Management Suite account will show up in the list.



    To assign an email address to a user:



    1. In the 32bit console click Tools | Administration | Users.

    2. Highlight all users.

    3. Right click the user you wish to assign an email address too and select properties.

    4. Click the User tab.

    5. Enter the email for that user and click ok.




    In the Report Designer, some items that are listed in the Layout Contents are not visible?


    The Report Designer's canvas is divided into sections. These sections are allowed to overlap, however items under an overlapping section will not come through. If an item is showing up in the Layout Contents but is not visible on the canvas or when the report is run, it is because the item is being overlapped by another section. To recover or show the missing item(s) expand the section that the lost item is in until it becomes visible on the canvas.







    Why does the Compliance Trend report say there is no data even though items have been added to the compliance group?


    Because the compliance group is dynamic, first compile the historical data for the items in the compliance group. Once the data is compiled the report will run without error.



    To schedule the gathering of historical information:



    1. In the 32bit console click Tools | Security | Security and Patch Manager.

    2. Click the down arrow attached to the "Create a task" icon in the Security and

    Patch Manager tool bar and select Gather Historical Information...

    3. Give the task a name and set how many days back (100 max) you would like to

    collect/save data for and click select Create task.

    4. Right click your new task and select properties and schedule the task for when/how

    often you want it to run.