How To: Troubleshoot Remote Control Through the Management Gateway.

Version 3

    Description After installing and configuring the Management Gateway, clients can not be remote controlled.


    May see; "Connection through management gateway failed 14 SSL name mismatch", when attempting to obtain a certificate or The underlying connection was closed: Unable to connect to the remote server.




    Cause The Management Gateway configuration is not correct.




    1. In the 32 bit Console on the Core go to Configure | Management Gateway.
      a) Verify that the correct information has been entered in the Gateway Information tab.
      b) Verify in the Certificates tab that a certificate has been posted to the Gateway.

    2. Check the following settings on the Management Gateway:
      a) In the 8.7 Gateway verify that the Gateway has been activated. This is done by going to https://{gateway name}/gsb.
      b) In the Gateway Services configuration area check that anything that the Gateway can be resolved to is set in the "Additional Hostnames" section. This includes all Domain/Hostnames (Fully Qualified and Simplified names), and all IP Address (Internal and External).
      c) In System Settings verify that the correct time zone is selected.
      d) Verify that under Users that all users have an * under organization.

    3. On the client do the following: (This is only done on clients with a LANDesk Agent.)
      a) Check the Remote Control Security template, NT Security will not work because NT Credentials cannot be passed. 
      b) Verify that BrokerConfig.exe has been run (available in the LDClient directory on the client, or LDLogon on the core) and a certificate has been obtained.
      c) Right click the icon (The icon in 8.6 looks like a clock and a TV remote control in 8.7), go to "Status", click "Switch Mode" to put the client in Gateway mode.

    4. Verify that when selecting to remote control a node in the Gateway that "Management Gateway Remote Control" is selected.



    • If you are using the "On Demand Remote Control Agent", you need to stop the LANDesk Remote Control service on the client machine and change the SecurityType key, the key is specified below. There is no reason to stop the service in a standard Management Gateway Remote Control session.



    • Useful registry keys on the client are:

    • HKLM>Software>Intel>LANDesk>WUSER32>Gateway

    • HKLM>Software>Intel>LANDesk>WUSER32>SecurityType

    • After changing either of these settings the LANDesk Remote Control Service must be restarted.