What to do if your Ivanti support case has been archived (closed)

Version 9

    Ivanti Customer Support makes every attempt to provide timely solutions for our customers. To expedite customer issues effectively, we will follow up on open issues at least three times within a one week period. If we are unable to contact the customer, and if there is no contact to our support team, the case status will change to closed. Once a case is closed, the customer may re-open it via the portal or by making contact with our support team.  After a case has been closed for 30 days, it will be permanently closed and a new case will need to be raised.


    You can review your closed cases through the Support Portal and select to reopen it.


    Steps to view closed case information through the Support Portal:


    1. Go to the Support Portal. You can login using your community login details or register / reset your password.

    2. Click "View Requests"

    3. Open the required case and click the Reopen button.


    Please note : If a case was closed over 30 days ago you will not see the Reopen button and a new case will need to be raised.

    Cases over 30 days old cannot be reopened.  A new case will need to be created.   Please refer to the old case number when opening the new case.