How to troubleshoot LANDesk Management Gateway activation.

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    Endpoint Manager 2016.xEndpoint Manager 2017.x


    This article addresses the most common gateway activation issues.




    I: Networking is not configured correctly.

    Follow these steps to test the ability of the gateway to activate:


    a. If on a remote machine (not the gateway), open an SSH terminal and log in as admin.


    If on the gateway itself, press AltF2 to go the other screen. Then right click and select xterm. (You can press AltF1 to go back to the first screen with the gateway web interface. You can switch back and forth between the screens as much as you want to).


    b. On the Cloud Services Appliance 4.3 Run this command:




    This command will tell you if routing and DNS are working. It will also tell you if you can make an outbound connection on port 80 from the gateway to the Internet. This command should normally complete within a few seconds:







    c. If routing is not working, you will get an error like this:


    telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Network is unreachable




    To correct this error, set the default gateway in the network settings (see screenshot below), and ensure there is network connectivity to the default gateway.


    d. If the telnet command does not resolve the FQDN (fully qualified domain name) to an IP address, then DNS does not work. You may or may not get an error related to name resolution. Ensure you have specified a valid DNS server in the gateway configuration, and that ports TCP 53 and UDP 53 are open to that server. This is where you specify the default gateway and the DNS server in the gateway configuration:




    e. If the telnet command resolves the IP address, and the default gateway works properly, but port 80 connections are not allowed, you will see an error like this:




    This error is most likely caused by a firewall blocking http 80 outbound connections from the management gateway to the Internet. Ensure this port is open for the gateway.


    II: Verify the activation credentials with Licensing. These are the same activation credentials that are used to activate the core server using the core server activation utility. These credentials can be obtained by calling the support line at 800-581-4553 and choosing the Licensing option. 

      IV: Page cannot be displayed or 500 error. Malformed header

    If this error is received: "Page cannot be displayed" 500 error on the activation page after hitting activate online or by e-mail

    (all other pages in the gateway configuration console work without errors).

    a. Navigate to this gateway web page: https://gatewayname/gsb, click on the gateway service tab and change logging to normal or none. click save.

    b. Next go into firewall settings and toggle enable or disable(the end result doesn’t matter it just needs to be toggled once or more)

    Click save

    c. Now click on the gateway activation tab, install now or online or by e-mail should work.