Configuration Error when launching Crystal Report from within Console

Version 3

    It was reported that a Crystal Report can fail to launch from within Console with the following error:


    "[A]Touchpaper.Console.SnapIn.CrystalReports.CrystalConfig cannot be cast to [B]Touchpaper.Console.SnapIn.CrystalReports.CrystalConfig.  Type A originates from..."  (Full error below)





    This turned out to be caused by using Console via App-v.  App-v is not listed in the 7.3.2 Supported Platforms document, see page 13 Virtualisation Technologies and so is not a currently supported platform.  However it was noticed that the two given locations are different, which is caused by taking the App-v snapshot AFTER running Console for the first time.  In order to avoid this error, install Console then immediately take a snapshot.



    Service Desk 7.3.2.