Error: "Connection failed. The type initializer for "Computer" threw an exception" when logging into the Console

Version 6

    Verified Product Versions

    Endpoint Manager 9.6



    When logging in to console on one machine, an error appears which says: Console initialization error: The type initializer for "Computer" threw an exception. This error occurs after changing the password on the domain. After clearing the error, there is nothing listed under "All Devices". Logging into another computer with the remote console results in no problem. Other users can log into the console on the affected machine without a problem.




    License cookie for the current user is either damaged or incorrect.


    Use the following steps to resolve the issue.  If one step does not fix the problem, continue on to the next step.


    Step 1

    Open the registry editor on the machine affected and navigate to:




    Delete the LicenseCookie value.


    Logging back into the console will recreate the license cookie.


    Step 2

    Open a command prompt on the computer the console is installed on and run the following commands:


    regsvr32.exe "C:\program files\common files\system\ado\msado15.dll"


    cd \windows\system32

    dir atl*.dll

    regsvr32.exe atl71.dll (or whichever atl.dll you have)


    regsvr32.exe "%LDMS_HOME%parser.dll"

    regsvr32.exe "%LDMS_HOME%ldcache.dll"

    regsvr32.exe "%LDMS_HOME%msinterp2.dll"

    regsvr32.exe "%LDMS_HOME%idal.dll"'


    Step 3

    Run C:\Windows\\framework\<.NET VERSION>\aspnet_regiis.exe -i


    Step 4

    Reinstall the MDAC component on the machine. Right-click and reinstall from C:\WINDOWS\inf\mdac.inf and obtain the file off of a windows CD. Or download a new copy from Microsofts site. Check Microsofts download site for the latest version.


    Step 5

    Check the console.exe.log. If there is a COM Exception listed then change the COM+ objects to a different identity.