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    There are a large number of ways to configure Ivanti EPM Content Replication to meet a variety of needs. Some examples of how Content Replication can be used are listed below. These are not necessarily in-use in a production environment nor specifically supported by Ivanti They are intended as ideas or starting points to create a Content Replication configuration to meet your needs.


    For more information on Content Replication and Preferred servers see: How to use Ivanti EPM Content Replication


    Single - Simple Replication

    This scenario involves a single Source, Preferred server, and Replicator each configured as a separate device. This could be used when to locations are connected by a decent link, or simply to reduce traffic to the Source.


    SourcePreferred serverReplicator

    Physical Path : C:\Storage\

    Share name : Storage

    Share point : C:\Storage\

    Source Path : \\Server\Storage

    Source Representative: Not used

    Physical Path : C:\Storage

    Share name : Storage

    Share point : C:\Storage

    Share used by Replicator : \\Server\Storage

    Share used by clients : \\Server\Storage

    Location : Local to the Source or Preferred server. If concerned about bandwidth usage of the link, the Replicator should be located local to the Source
    Notes : The Storage folder may contain additional folders such as Patch or Software. If that is the case, a single source can be created to replicate both, or separate sources can be created for each folder in the share.



    New Scenarios

    If you have a Scenario that you have used and would like to share, please send me a private message with details and I will try to get it added here.