Frequently Asked Questions About Reporting in LANDesk Management Suite 9 SP2

Version 3

    LANDesk Technical Support will not provide training or create or alter custom reports or SQL statements for customers. Support is limited to product issues only.


    How has reporting changed in SP2?

    LANDesk Management Suite is no longer using Jaspersoft or Avocent Management Platform for reporting. The new reporting solution is called DDR (Data Dynamics Reporting), produced by Grape City.


    The new reporting solution is very similar to what was in LANDesk Management Suite 8.8 (Active Reports, also produced by Grape City). It is integrated into the console; there is no need to install or configure an external report viewer or designer.


    The new solution has enhancements that distinguish it from 8.8. Some of the primary enhancements include:

    • The ability to write direct SQL queries in the reports
    • The ability to copy and edit standard reports
    • Reports can be synced across multiple cores with the core sync function
    • The same reports are available from both the Windows console and the Web console


    Why is there an option to create a separate database user for reporting?

    The new report designer is very powerful and flexible and allows users to create their own SQL in reports. We provide rights that allow or prevent users from accessing the report designer, and by default, only users with the LANDesk Administrator role can access it. However, if you determine that you need more restrictions in place to minimize the risk of unintended or malicious modifications to the database, you may choose to create and use a database account with “read only” rights to the database.


    Where can I configure a separate database user for reporting?

    In configure services, on the general tab, just below where you configure the regular database connection string.


    When I configure a separate database user for reporting, what rights should the user have to the database?

    The user should have read only access to the database. For SQL Server, this means you need the "public" and "db_datareader" rights.


    When I upgrade to SP2, what will happen to my custom reports?

    When upgrading from LANDesk Management Suite 8.8 directly to LANDesk Management Suite 9 Service Pack 2, custom reports will be migrated. However, because there is a new reporting engine, any formatting of the reports will be lost. The data behind the reports will be kept intact.


    When upgrading from LANDesk Management Suite 9 (with or without Service Pack 1), the reports are not automatically migrated. They must be migrated manually. This will only matter if there are custom reports that are based on SQL queries and were not generated from queries in the LANDesk Management Suite console. If the report was generated from an inventory query in the console, it can be easily generated again.


    For custom reports written in pure SQL, the SQL can be copied from the old reports to use in the new reports. To extract the SQL, copy the XML data for the report definition from the content column in the amp_reporting table. The SQL query will always start with the word "select." This is what the XML date will look like in the amp_reporting table, content column:


    <queryString>    <![CDATA[select distinct   ROI.Currency,   ROI.RC_Saving as Saving,   sub.StartTime,   sub.EndTime,   sub.ViewingComputer,   sub.ManagedComputer,   sub.UserName  from   (select    r.EventTime as StartTime,    MIN(s.EndTime) as EndTime,    r.ViewingComputer,    r.ManagedComputer,    r.UserName   from    RCLog r join    (select     EventTime as EndTime,     ManagedComputer    from     RCLog    where     RCAction_Idn = 2) s    on s.ManagedComputer = r.ManagedComputer    and s.EndTime > r.EventTime   where    r.rcaction_idn = 1   group by    r.EventTime,    r.ViewingComputer,    r.ManagedComputer,    r.UserName) sub,   ROI  where   ROI_Idn = 1   and (sub.StartTime >= $P{StartDate} AND sub.StartTime <= ($P{EndDate} + 1))]]>   </queryString>


    The text highlighted in red is the SQL query. What is not in red is part of the XML data that should not be copied


    The above query cannot be used exactly as it is written. There are parameters ($P) in the query. These parameters are specific to Jaspersoft and will not work in the new reporting tool. If you see the $P in any queries you are copying, adjust the queries as necessary.


    If the .jrxml file for the report still exists, the file can be opened  in the Jaspersoft iReport application to view the SQL.


    Is there any documentation to help me write new reports?

    Yes. The help in the console has a good overview of the reporting solution, particularly within the context of LANDesk Managment Suite. Start with the help resource.


    If you need something that is not provided in the help file, consult the Grape City web site directly. There is a link in the help file, which is also provided here: