LD_ClientData - LANDesk Agent Log Gathering Utility

Version 3

    This utility was written to create an easy way to gather all relevant LANDesk and Microsoft information to assist in troubleshooting client issues with LANDesk.


    The AutoIt script does the following:


    LANDesk Data (Copied to C:\Windows\Temp\LD_ClientData)



    1. Create a working directory in %WINDIR%\temp called LD_ClientData.
    2. Copy all policy database files to C:\Windows\temp\LD_ClientData\PolicyData.
    3. Copy all policy XML files to C:\Windows\temp\LD_ClientData\PolicyData.
    4. Copy all Vulscan files (everything in the application data folder) to C:\Windows\temp\LD_ClientData\Vulscan Files.
    5. Copy any .xlg files on the client to C:\Windows\temp\LD_ClientData\XTrace.
    6. Copy all .0 files on client to C:\Windows\temp\LD_ClientData\CertFiles.
    7. Get copy of Gateway Cert and broker.conf.xml (if present) to C:\Windows\temp\LD_ClientData\GatewayInfo.
    8. Export the HKLM\Software\Intel\LANDesk and HKLM\Software\LANDesk registry keys to .txt files and copy to C:\Windows\temp\LD_ClientData\LANDesk_Registry.
    9. Create LANDesk Inventory Scan output file in .scn format for the machine and also run with the /debug switch to C:\Windows\temp\LD_ClientData\InventoryOutputFile.
    10. Export list of all Local Scheduler Tasks and copy to C:\Windows\temp\LD_ClientData\LocalSchedulerTasks.
    11. Get copy of all LDAPPL*.* and LDCUSTOM files from client and copy to C:\Windows\temp\LD_ClientData\LDAPPL3_Files.
    12. Copy all *.log files, from LDCLient, LDClient\data, and Shared Files on agent to C:\Windows\temp\LD_ClientData\LDClient_Logs
    13. Copy all LDAV and HIPS log files and copy to working directory



    Windows Data (Everything put in the C:\Windows\temp\LD_ClientData\WindowsLogs folder)



    1. Runs MSINFO32.exe and generates a .nfo report.  This has a lot of useful data about services, processes, errors, etc.
    2. Get copy of all Windows host and lmhosts files.
    3. Run GPResult /Z to export list of Group Policy and Local Policy settings applied to Computer and Logged on User and exports it to a text file.
    4. Export IPCONFIG /ALL to text file.
    5. Export list of environment variables to text file.
    6. Copy the windows update log to working directory.
    7. Export Application and System event logs in .evt format, and copies them to the working directory.



    Copy Process


    Zip up all gathered data as %machinename%_timestamp.zip and puts it in c:\windows\temp\LD_ClientData\ as %machinename%_timestamp.zip