Data Import error "Could not set Target Attribute..."

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    Sometimes when performing a Data Import you will receive an error along the lines of "Could not set Target Attribute [Attribute].[Collection] ="

    eg "Could not set Target Attribute User.Groups =" or "Could not set Target Attribute User.Roles ="



    If the error you are having is pointing to the User.Title Attribute please see this article instead:



    This occurs because there is a collection on the window used to set the default values in the Data Import mappings (ie, the default window for the Object).


    To get there, go to the Data Import mappings:




    Right Click the Target Object and click on Default Values:



    The following window is displayed (depending on the object itself, in this case it is the default End User window):




    There don't appear to be collections on the window, but if you open it up in Window Manager you can see that there is one:





    To fix the issue, remove the collections from the window then go back into the Default Values window in Data Import and click OK.  This will overwrite the original data stored for the default values, and remove the empty data for the collection.