Login Error in Console - Error connection after application of LDMS 9 SP2

Version 4




    Unable to login to console after installing SP2. This issue can occur immedialy or later on after applying SP2.

    This issue affect only databse server running Oracle (it has been seen with version 10 G and 11 G). We have no patch has this issue could not be replicate in our lab.


    Error message screenshot (double click on the picture to increase the size).

    error connection.JPG


    Note that affected users are able to login to the web console (http://coreserver/remote)




    Oracle is case sensitive compare to Microsoft SQL. The table ConsoleUser craete duplicate users.

    Before SP2 user where created with upper case characters compare to SP2 which create user with lower case characters in ConsoleUser table.





    At present, I only found a workaround as no patch has been created for this issue as we were unable to replicate this issue.


    Using Oracle Entreprise Manager open the ConsoleUser table:
    1 .See duplicate exist in ConsoleUser table
    2. Rename ALL existing duplicate

        BUT IT HAS TO BE THE ONE WITH small ConsuleUser_IDN (i.e: original users created)
    3. Then login to LDMS console
    4. Go to user management
    5. Erase RENAME Duplicated users (i.e: with low value in ConsoleUser_IDN attribute)
    6. When erasing users select assign users object to reassign tasks for example.

    Note that if one duplicate exist in the database you will not be able to logn to the console even if you craete a new local user.




    LDMS 9.0 SP2 with Oracle database



    For Internall user only see case 00520625