LDMS 9.0 - The option "Add Scripts..." is not available for users that are not LANDesk administrator

Version 1


    LDMS 9.0 introduced three local security groups that are used to set NTFS permissions within ManagementSuite folder on the core server. These groups are


    1. LANDesk Administrators
    2. LANDesk Management Suite
    3. LANDesk Script Writers


    The local security group "LANDesk Script Writers" has full NTFS permissions to SCRIPTS sub-folder in ManagementSuite (LDMain) folder on the core. This is needed to be able to write scripts.


    If the user is not member of the local security group "LANDesk Script Writers" then the user will not have the option "Add Scripts..." and therefore will not be able to cr



    To resolve this issue, add the users (user group) to the local security group "LANDesk Script Writers". The user will need to close and re-open the console.