Macintosh Agent Refresh for LD9 SP1 and SP2 (

Version 2

    This patch is included in LANDesk 9.0 Software Updates available via the Download Updates button of the Patch and Compliance window of the console. In addition the link at the bottom of this post is a direct download of the patch.


    This patch is valid for both LD9 SP1 and SP2 enviornments. The patch needs to be installed on the Core, Rollup Core, and Remote Console machines. More information can be found in readme.htm included with the patch.



    • Fixed: An issue where in some instances if delta scans were disabled in the environment then the inventory scanner would throw the error: "Error writing to baseline file..."


    Remote Control

    • Fixed: A memory leak in Remote Control that would cause the remote control console to stop refreshing.


    Security/Patch Manager

    • Fixed: An issue where ldpatch would crash if it received a null value when parsing a plist.
    • Fixed: A problem where Mac packages were not able to handle .APP files for Patch remediation.



    *** Note ***
    There are a couple of errors in the readme.

    • Support for OSX 10.6 (Snow Leopard) was added before this patch not with this patch.
    • Fixed: an issue where the gateway certificate was not download/implemented correctly.