Select a Configuration Item from a structure view diagram on a Process rather than from drop down list.

Version 4

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    Service Desk 7.8.x


    Service Desk: All Versions


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    Note that this is for Console Only. Web Desk and Self Service does not support the below feature


    You are able to configure the system so that you can pick a Configuration Item from a CI structure view when logging a Process instead of selecting the Configuration Item from the drop down list on the window.

    With this set up, you will select your relevant View that you wish to pick from in a View drop down list. This will present you with the View in question and you can then from here select the relevant Configuration Item, which will be automatically populated in the Configuration Item field.


    These are the steps on how to create the design for this:


    1. Create your CI structure view with relationships between your CIs- refer to the Configuration Management manual if you need more advice.
    2. If it doesn't already exist, within Object Designer create a relationship between your Process object and the Configuration Management - View object.
      For example, in Object Designer drag Configuration Management - View onto the Incident Management - Incident object and answer No to the question asked.
    3. Add the View relationship onto your Process window - for example your Incident window.
    4. Ensure the Configuration Item relationship is on the window and set "Pick CI from CI Structure View" to True under Advanced Properties for this attribute.


    window manager.png

         5. When you raise the Process, select the View you wish to chose from, then click into your Configuration Item field and the structure view popup appears.

         6. Double-clicking on the item you want within the view popup will populate the Configuration Item field on your window.


    Example showing how this could look:


    CI structure.png


    NOTE:  If you prefer, you also have the option to pick your CI view and CI item from a tree structure.

    This is set on the Properties - Advanced Properties for each attribute setting Pick View as Tree to True (on the View field) and Pick CI from View as Tree (on the CI field)