Step by Step example - How to create a new action so you can "Add Task Attachment" when in a task

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    Here is a step by step example of how to create a new object with an associated action.  This example shows you how to create an object to store attachments which will be available when on the Task window:


    1. Please try this out on your test environment to ensure that you are happy with it before you make changes on live.
    2. In object designer create a new object within Incident Management called Task Attachment.  When asked if you want to specify a behaviour select No.
    3. Save the object and say yes to auto create a name attribute.
    4. Add a new attribute (called something like Attachment ) and change the attribute type to attachment.  Save the object.
    5. Still within object designer drag the Task Incident object onto the new Task Attachment object.  When asked if you want to be able to access all related instances select Yes.
    6. On the Task Incident object you will now see a collection relationship to the Task Attachment object on the list of available attributes.  Click on this and then select New Action.  Type in a name for the action someone will need to pick in order to add one of these attachments.  An example could be Add Task Attachment.
    7. Go into window manager and locate your new Task Attachment object.  Create a new window for this and then select to Auto Populate the window.  Make any design changes that you want (you might want to take off the task incident attribute for example) and then save your window.
    8. Still within window manager go into your Task window and drag on the Task Attachment collection from the list of available attributes.  Set the properties of this to display on the tree or the tabs as required.
    9. Go into Process Designer and deactivate your Task process (you may need to make another task process the default one temporarily whilst you do this).
    10. Click on the status value that you want and then click on Properties - Optional Action Instances.  You can now add your new action onto the available actions at this status.
    11. Save your process, activate it and then make it the default (if it was previously).


    NOTE:  If you want to be able to send attachments to users you can do so by altering the Task Attachment object within object designer and on the object properties setting the behaviour Message Source on under the behaviours collection.  You can then set some default text to go in the notification via the Mail Notification collection that will appear once the Message Source behaviour has been set.


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